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1) Make a Screen-Capture in a (.jpg,.gif) format, crop or re-size the screen capture smaller for faster email delivery.

2) Email final named (.tex)(.jpg,.gif) file in a single compressed WinZIP, WinRAR, WinACE or StuffIt file.

3) Send by clicking the email submit link below for the best transfer. Be sure that you include the car series type and your game user name.

4) Please Remember:

I can not spend all day downloading your email and the information you supply will help post your car sooner in these archives. 8o)

SUBMIT CARS HERE-> Car Posting Limitations
a) 2 cars per person, Per Series.

Page Update Posting Times:
a) Usually within 1 to 7 days, Late evenings.

Cars, Designs, Ideas & Art of all available downloads on these Car Exchange pages are the property of the submitting owner. RacelineCentral is not responsible for the misuse of or problems that may occur from using or excepting downloaded files in this archive or website. Downloading any files on our web pages makes you except the total responsibilities.
The legal Copyrights� still remain that of the original owner and or person whom submitted their posted files. Please respect these rights of which you just read.

Thank You, From RLC
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Wheel & Tires

1) Easiest way is drop the carXXX.tex file into Appropriate Nascar Heat game or Mod main folder.
2) Add your name and car information in the Drivers.txt file of that appropriate Mod.
3) A more complete and game oriented way can be downloaded right here.
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