ATI Tool Main Features
As the name implies ATITool is an overclocking utility designed for ATI video cards.
Design target is to write a light-weight application for the enthusiast - so no questionable registry tweaks.

ATI Tool
Latest Version 0.26 DOWNLOAD

  • No limits overclocking.
  • Finding maximum core and memory overclock by rendering into a Direct3D window and scanning the output for visual artifacts.
  • Temperature monitoring and fan speed control (on supported cards)
  • Removal of Catalyst overclocking lock for 9000/9200/9550/9600 series.
  • Artifact scanning mode for non-ATI cards - use together with a 3rd party overclocking utility.
  • Loading a predefined clock profile on Application/Windows startup.
  • Hotkeys that can be used any time to load clocks from a profile.
  • 3D application detection (Direct3D 8, Direct3D 9, OpenGL) to overclock your video card only when required.
  • Gamma control
  • Fixes to card detection on some ATI chipsets
  • Fixed "When setting the speed in the log the selected speed is shown not the actual speed it is set to." (#38)
  • Added info box about possible problems when FRAPS is running
  • Removed fan control tab for 9600.
  • Some fixes to "try to keep gpu temp at". It will only work while ATITool is running. If you close ATITool fan speeds are set to ATI's defaults
  • Fixed temp. reading error which showed 20 on 9800s with high load sometimes
  • Disabled creation of file C:\Atitool detection log.txt
  • Fixed excessive log entries generated during Find Max (#29)
  • Fixed 3D detection for XP SP2 + AMD64 (#25)
  • Forced 3D detection on for all executable starting with "bf_vietnam" (Battlefield: Vietnam) until a proper fix is found
  • Forced 3D detection on for all executable starting with "nwmain" (Neverwinter Nights) until a proper fix is found
  • Fixed rounding error in fan speed settings (#16)
  • Fixed rounding error in font size display in temp. settings (#23)
  • Added current fan speed display to fan speed settings (#22)
  • Memory timings editor is active now - values are not permanent and are reset at reboot. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Gamma settings are reapplied when display mode is changed (#14)
  • Gamma settings panel shows numbers (#14)
  • Added fan control option "Try to keep GPU temp. at xx C" - this option is only available if temp. monitoring is enabled
  • Added mini stats to temp. monitoring settings page
  • Several speed optimized artifact detection code
  • Dump bios button disabled on 9200 until a fix is found
  • Replace temp. remote / local by "GPU" / "GPU environment"
  • Fixed cosmetic bug in temp. settings panel (#15)
  • Fixed bug with log file max. size .. the value was interpreted as Bytes (#13)
  • Added include list for 3D detection
  • No "scan running" message to log file right after start
  • Fixed crash in 3D detection for 3dmark2001 and probably other apps
  • Gamma hotkeys are disabled when gamma control is disabled
  • Lots of fixes based on the great feedback after the 0.0.21 release, critical fixes are already incorporated into the 0.0.21 download
  • Added option to scanning settings: "disable screensaver while scanning"
  • Moved fan speed registry key so its not lost every time you reinstall ATITool
  • Fixed ATI fan control. for some reason ATI defaults result in fan speeds > 100% to be programmed. This means that any fan speed >75% is actually 100% (can't run the fan faster than 100%). ATITool fixes this by setting the right register on the temp. chip.

ATITool will only work on Windows (64 bit versions are supported).

Video Card Identification
system info
NOTE: For the purpose of identifying the graphics card manufacturer and model, only the DEV and SUBSYS segment values will be used. NOTE:  Only the last four alphanumeric characters in the SUBSYS string segment are used to determine the Subsystem Vendor ID. The highlighted segment in the value string indicates that the graphics card Device ID is 9802, and the Subsystem Vendor ID is 17AA.  PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9802&SUBSYS_21DF17AA&REV_00\... Once the graphics card Subsystem Vendor ID has been found, match it to the list below of manufacturers to identify the manufacturer or origin of the graphics card.
Subsystem Vendor ID Manufacturer
1043 ASUSTeK
196D Club 3D
1092 Diamond Multimedia
18BC GeCube
1458 Gigabyte
16F3 Jetway
1462 MSI
174B Sapphire
148C PowerColor
1545 VisionTek
1682 XFX
1025 Acer
106B Apple
1028 Dell
107B Gateway
103C HP
17AA Lenovo
104D Sony
1179 Toshiba
To identify the model of the graphics card using its Device ID, refer to a 3rd party resource:  "0x" prefix in the Device Search field and click Search (as shown below).​
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