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What is a BIOS?
*BIOS is an acronym that stands for Basic Input Output System.
*The BIOS is responsible for booting your PC by providing a basic set of instructions.
*The BIOS performs all the necessary tasks that need to be initiated at the initial start-up time: POST (Power-On Self Test, booting an operating system from FDD or HDD). In essence, it is necessary to upgrade the BIOS on your PC in order to maintain or inevitably obtain compatibility with the PC industries latest hardware, software and operating systems.

Ensures that the mother board works properly. This large board holds all the devices, so we recommend keeping it updated at all times. Through this operation you can add supports for new peripherals. Boards made after 1994 usually allow updating by software (Flash Bios), but for those prior to that date it is necessary to replace the chip of the bios. Updating is a delicate, dangerous operation. If it is not done correctly the mother board may be made useless. Never interrupt the operation once it has started. It is also possible to update the bios from other devices such as graphics cards, modems or network cards. In the case of the last two, if the operation is not successfully completed you can reinitialize and start again; however, if there are problems with the graphics card it is possible that nothing will be seen on the screen after reinitializing the computer
Updating a BIOS?
Note: It is only possible to create these disks under Microsoft's Windows.
  • Updating the Bios is a delicate operation and is usually done in a DOS environment, but with some manufacturers, (for example: Abit) have created their own Windows GUI environment to update some of their motherboards Bios.
  • Creating a start-up disk: Insert a New 3 blank floppy diskette into your "A" floppy drive.
  • Open your Desktop Windows Explorer and click your mouse's right side button while hovered over the "A" drive icon in Explorer.
  • Select the "Format" option in the next appearing menu. Be sure that "Copy System Files" is chosen and then click "Start" to initialize this process.
  • Your new start-up disk is now ready.
  • Copy your new Bios Flasher file and the Updated Bios ( usually a *.bin file) to the same floppy as well.
  • Be sure your systems present Bios is setup to boot up the system from the "A" floppy drive first then, Insert the floppy disk you created and Reboot your system.
  • Type in at the prompt CD A:\ and click "Enter", then...
  • Type in "dir" at the A:\ prompt. "A:\dir" This will display the floppy directory contents.
  • Locate your flash program on the drive, Usually the *.EXE file you copied onto the disk.
  • At the A:\ prompt type in *.exe, Substitute the (*) for the name of your *.EXE flasher program to start the Bios Flashing process. Follow procedures exactly and DO NOT INTERRUPT THE PROCESS.
  • After completion...Reboot and make the necessary changes in your new Bios updated settings.
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While it can be tricky, you don't need a computer science degree or an online masters in data science to update the BIOS. If you are concerned about updating the BIOS yourself, you can always contact a computer tech or data science professional to assist you.

The Ultimate ABIT KT7 & KT7 RAID BIOS and Drivers / The Athlon XP2100 CPU Update Documentation
The Latest Complete Embedded BIOS, Ready to Install for the Abit KT7 & High Point Raid MB. Embedded, Tested, Installation Tools and Matching Drivers, This is a Very Stable & Worth Installing Updated Flash Download for KT7. February 2004
A9 / 235 Bios Update
KT7-Raid / KT7A-Raid
KT7 / KT7A

Athlon XP2100 Update

Athlon tbred XP2100 -Abit KT7 update doc
COMPANY  Motherboard Update Compatible  BIOS Vers. Type Embedded A9/2.35 Drivers Included Tools Included Download
Abit KT7

KT7, KT7-RAID, V1.0/1.01/1.02
KT7A, KT7A-RAID, V1.0/1.1/1.2
KT7E, V1.0/1.1 Embedded
ATA RAID Controller BIOS Embedded

Official Yes No Yes Embedded Version KT-HP Bios
Abit KT7 KT7, KT7-RAID, V1.0/1.01/1.02
KT7A, KT7A-RAID, V1.0/1.1/1.2
KT7E, V1.0/1.1 BIOS Only
A9 Official No No Yes HP - 2.35 Raid Bios Only
High-Point HPT370/370A/372/372A/372N/302/302N
ATA RAID Controller BIOS Only
v2.35 Official No v2.35 Yes HP - 2.35 Raid Bios Only
High-Point High-Point Raid v2.35 DRIVERS Only n/a Official No Yes n/a v2.35 HP-Drivers only
AMD KT7, KT7-Raid
Tbred Athlon XP2100 Mod Replacement
n/a Official n/a n/a n/a KT7, KT7-Raid OC forum log information

This information is being supplied "as is" to all owners of an ABIT-KT7/KT7-RAID Motherboard. This information explains how you can update your ABIT-KT7's CPU from a maximum size allowed of 1.4Ghz to a (Athlon TBred XP2100 OEM) which is a 1.7Ghz. Now, if your familiar with ABIT's KT7 "Softmenu" BIOS setting menu then let me explain further about this new CPU that will allow you to set your "softmenu" up to run a 1.7Ghz CPU at a whopping 2.3Ghz @ a voltage rate of 1.7v with no mods which is lower then default of 1.75v. If this is sounding confusing or unreal to you let me reassure you that it works and is incredibly stable plus 100% compatible. I am running one now after replacing my old 900Mhz Athlon. It works great in WinXP at 2.3Ghz/1.7v @ average temp of 98F. Since I run a duel boot system with win98se, I had to back mine to a 2.0Ghz/1.65v because win98 seems to get confused somehow as it loads, But it has started and ran on it before at the full speed. An OEM XP2100 Athlon Tbred CPU is priced around $54.00 and if this is too much to spend to upgrade a board that was thought to max at 1.4Ghz then I suggest that you do not download this forum documented chat I captured that shows several members explaining in detail how simple it was to do. It was actually humorous to read as I watched the entire forum of KT7 owners rush to buy these CPU's and come back happily amazed at the awesome speed increase for practically nothing. Anyway, I am posting this document for all you KT7 owners. I suggest you read it and if you don't believe it or understand it...READ IT AGAIN! until you do and I guarantee, you will be calling Newegg.com and ordering your Athlon 2100XP that day. line
Flash Update Systems BIOS
Complete archive of up to date tools, utilities, loaders, tutorial links. Also Flash loading a High Point Raid BIOS too!
How do I flash the BIOS?
After your finished downloading or visiting here... head over to our system tuning page for more in
depth system help, calibrating, tuning, video monitor calibrating and speeding up internet connections.
  • Method #1
  • ABIT have recently released a reliable and tested Windows-based BIOS flash utility called Flash Menu . This application runs from within Windows and will automatically download, verify and then flash your machine to the latest BIOS version from within Windows. This process is extremely simple and is now our recommended means of updating your BIOS. After flashing the BIOS, Windows reboots, and all you need do is hit Del to enter the BIOS setup menu and set the correct options. All recent motherboards, including the DiGiDice SFF, are supported.
  • Method #2
  • If you are not running Microsoft Windows then you should follow the steps below in order to update your BIOS. If you follow them exactly you should experience no problems. Do not skip or modify any step.
  • In order to flash update the BIOS, you will need a floppy disk or bootable CDROM containing the the following:
  • DOS without any memory management drivers installed. I recommend you use the DrDOS 7.X boot disk designed specifically for BIOS flashing available on the downloads page or www.bootdisk.com
  • The BIOS *.bin (or *.b00 or *.b01) file to which you wish to update. The previous BIOS *.bin file (just in case you wish to flash back!)
  • Version 8.64 of the AWDFLASH.EXE utilities Listed Below.
  • Optional: ABIT supplies a file called RUNME.BAT with their BIOS releases which calls ABITFAE with the BIOS filename. You can put this on the floppy disk if you wish, and then instead of Step 6 below, type "RUNME".
  • Note that ABIT often supplies their BIOS files as executable (eg. KR7_WW.EXE). You will need to run this executable (which is a self extracting Zip file) to get the BIOS binary file and possibly also AWDFLASH.EXE, ABITFAE.BAT and the optional RUNME.BAT. You may also encounter BIOS distributions in *.zip files, in which case you must first extract the zip file using WinZip.
  • Shut down the OS properly, then turn the machine off.
  • Restart the computer with the DOS diskette in the floppy drive or CDROM in the CD. If you are using a CD image, you can either edit the CD image before burning and insert the Bios and flash utility on the CD, or you may be able to boot off the CD and run the flash tool from your hard-drive. Note, this second option will only work if your hard-drive is formatted with FAT, not NTFS.
  • At the prompt, type DIR to check the files on the disk. Assuming all the files in Item 1 of this list are present, go to the next step
  • At the prompt type ABITFAE filename - where filename is the name of the *.bin or *.b00 file you are using. (If you installed RUNME.BAT, you can simply type RUNME instead)
  • The utility will ask you to confirm a number of things, and will then automatically flash the BIOS with the correct parameters. Once it has finished go to the next step.
  • Press F1 to reset, then immediately press DEL to go into BIOS, then Go into CPU Soft Menu III to adjust your CPU speed and voltage (please make sure the CPU voltage matches your CPU specs)
  • Set up any other BIOS parameters you required (remember you will need to redetect your hard disks!!)
  • Remember that if you need to clear your CMOS with the jumper on the motherboard, you will need to reset the computer's clock! Save and Exit and You're done.
  • For a detailed discussion of flashing the Award BIOS, We recommend the AWARD Flash BIOS Upgrade Guide at X-Bit Labs.
How do I embed or update my motherboard's BIOS
  • The embedded motherboard BIOS we prepared above will update the Highpoint BIOS. check the documentation with each BIOS file.
  • Occasionally, motherboard BIOS releases lag behind Highpoint's releases and you may then wish to embed the Highpoint BIOS within the motherboard's BIOS like we have done for you. Using a tool developed by AWARD called cbrom (see below) makes it possible to embed the latest Highpoint BIOS into the ABIT BIOS releases. I recommend you don't try this unless you have a BIOS Saver with which to rescue your machine
    if a problem occurs!

    The steps are actually quite simple:
  • Copy the desired Highpoint bios into a directory
  • Copy the motherboard's BIOS into the same directory
  • Boot into a clean DOS environment
  • Use CBRom207 as follows:
  • MOBOBIOS.BIN is the name of the file of the motherboard BIOS, and HIGHPOINTBIOS.BIN the name for Highpoint's BIOS. (PLEASE VIEW CBROM's DOCUMENTATION INCLUDED WITH THE CBROM DOWNLOADS.)

.PCR files & Tools for Overclock Adjustments
H.Oda's WPCREDIT program

Everest BIOS Agent Award Bios Editor 1.0 Phoenix Bios Editor_v2.201
snapshot of Everest gid
Bios Agent GID



Successor to "AIDA32". Gives you an extensive report on hardware and software settings for Win95/98/Me/XP. BIOS Agent is a simple, easy to use program that will automatically identify your computers BIOS and other system information. The Award Bios Editor 1.0 is exactly what you need to edit your Award Bios flash file and update or mod your system Bios. The Phoenix Bios Editor v2.201 is exactly what you need to edit your Phoenix Bios flash file and update or mod your system Bios.

bios board and computer companies
The Complete BIOS Informational Operations Tool Box of Downloads & Descriptions
star Tools and Utilities for Tweaking Specific Types of Hardware Levels.
microsoft Windows logo WIN98se  USB v2.0 IDE ULTRA DMA - VIA Bus master (Ultra DMA) PCI IDE Driver for Win9x/WinNT/Win2000/Millennium

VIA Busmaster(Ultra DMA)

VIA Bus Master (Ultra DMA) PCI IDE Driver for Win9x/WinNT/Win2000/Millennium

microsoft Windows logo WIN98se  USB v2.0Windows 98se USB 2.0 and All Windows VIA USB Patch version 1.10
Windows 98se USB 2.0 Review Readme.txt file in this Download Before Installing these Drivers
All Windows USB Patch VIA USB Filter Patch version 1.10
microsoft Windows logoWindows GUI Flash Loader
Windows Flasher

Windows GUI Flash Loader


Abit's Latest Windows GUI BIOS Flash Loader

Award bios logo AWARD Flash Loaders
Award Flash 106 Flash Loader for Award BIOS *Created 8-10-2004
Award Flash864 Flash Loader for Award BIOS
Award Flas823e Flash Loader for Award BIOS
Award Flash812 Flash Loader for Award BIOS
Award Flash800 Flash Loader for Award BIOS
AFlash (Asus) Flash Loader for Asus based Award BIOS
2094 FIX (WIN ME) Fixes the 2094 Problem with Award BIOS, to be used with the Millennium Pro only
Award bios logoAWARD BIOS Modifications with CBROM
CBROM v1.12C PLEASE VIEW INFORMATION FOR AWARD BIOS USER Award BIOS users have the choice of using a program other than CBROM to do their
modification work. The program is called "Awardmod" and is written under the GPL.
This program WILL work with both the 256K Award 4.xx BIOS and
the new Medallion BIOS that CBROM simply won't work with.

Awardmod can be downloaded from here. Award changed the version system it was using for the CBROM program.
Version 2.xx CBROM programs are newer than version 6.xx CBROM Programs.

CBROM 1.xx is for Award BIOS 4.5 series only
CBROM 2.xx is for Award BIOS 4.5 and 6.0 series only
CBROM 6.xx is for Award BIOS 6.0 series only How to MOD your BIOS Using CBROM Bios Logo Changer can change EPA Energy Star logo which is shown in upper right corner when
you boot your computer. There are 200 ready to use logos or you can make your own new logo.
CBROM v1.13a
CBROM v1.24C
CBROM v1.26B
CBROM v1.30
CBROM v1.30B
CBROM v1.30C
CBROM v1.32
CBROM v2.01A
CBROM v2.07
CBROM v2.08
CBROM v2.15
CBROM v6.00
CBROM v6.02B
CBROM v6.06
BIOS Logo Changer
Ami Bios Logo AMI Flash Loaders - Editor
AMI Flash AMI's FLASH Loader
AMI827 AMI's FLASH Loader
AMI826 AMI's FLASH Loader
AMIBCP v7.51.03 AMI's FLASH Loader
AMIBCP v7.01.01 AMI's FLASH Loader
AMI2 Setup Edit any AMI-2 BIOS setup
AMImbid AMI-BIOS ID Utility
Phoenix Bios logoPhoenix Flash Loader
PHFlash Flash Loader for Phoenix BIOS
eSupport.com Flash Loader Upgrades
Latest BFLASH Latest flash loader for eSupport.com upgrades only
BFLASH v1.3 Flash loader version 1.3 for eSupport.com upgrades only
Identification Tools
Detect Gives you Info about your BIOS
CTPCI330 Displays Your Chipset info
CT BIOS 1.5 BIOS ID program
S3 Chipset Detect Link to utility to identify your S3 Graphics chipset
Check CPU Identifies your processor
Testing - CMOS Clearing - Converters
Clear CMOS Clears the CMOS on any bootable PC
Mpack Converts MIME files
Cachchk Tests the cache on your motherboard
ACPI Test Microsoft ACPI Test Version 1.61
Boot Disk Create Free DOS boot diskette
Copy QM Duplicates Diskettes
32 bit Disk Drivers for Windows 3.1
Fast 103 Maxtor's 32 bit disk driver for windows 3.x
SEG32BIT Seagate's 32 bit disk driver for windows 3.x
WDCDRV Western Digitals 32 bit disk driver for windows 3.x
Recovery Disk Utility for JX
Recovery Recovery disk utility for JX30
Recovery2 Recovery disk utility for JX30rd
Recovery3 Recovery disk utility for JX30grd
Recovery4 Recovery disk utility for JX30gpr
memtest86 Memory Tester


System Memory Detailed Tester - Read more on this helpful tool by clicking logo

asus logo ASUS
Asusupdt53001 Stay updated with your ASUS mother Board Drivers and BIOS
aflash221 Asus Award Flasher
Abit website http://www.abit.com.tw/
Abit ftp sites ftp://ftp.abit.com.tw/pub/ - ftp://ftp2.abit.com.tw
Abit FAE Tech site http://fae.abit.com.tw/
FAE Tech-Forum Online http://fae.abit.com.tw/eng/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi/
Abit newsgroup http://groups.google.com/groups
Highpoint Tech website http://www.highpoint-tech.com/
Highpoint drivers http://www.highpoint-tech.com
Award website http://www.award.com/
Phoenix website http://www.phoenix.com/
Via website http://www.via.com.tw/
Via drivers http://www.viahardware.com/download/
All BIOS World http://www.abios.com/
Award Modular BIOS Modification Utilities http://www.xs4all.nl/~juanj/
BIOS CENTRAL http://www.bioscentral.com/
BIOS Customization Page http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Chip/4378/
bios.help.pl http://bios.help.pl/
Deep Thought's Ultimate Windows 95/98 Page http://dthought.home.dhs.org/
WiM'S BIOS http://www.wimsbios.com/
Yasin Abbas http://www.dcs.qmw.ac.uk
Paul's Unofficial ABIT KA7 FAQ http://go.to/ka7faq/
Paul's Unofficial ABIT KT7 FAQ http://go.to/kt7faq/
Paul's Unofficial ABIT KG7-RAID & KR7-RAID FAQ http://go.to/kg7faq/
Icrontic KT133 FAQ http://www.icrontic.com/faq/index.php3
Icrontic http://www.icrontic.com/
Useful Sites
RD1 BIOS Savior http://www.ioss.com.tw/
BadFlash.Com http://www.badflash.com/
Boot Disks http://www.bootdisk.com/
Boot Disks @ User Friendly http://www.user-friendly.net
JUMPERz.de (repair/reprogram defective BIOS-Chips) http://www.jumperz.de/
Paint Shop Pro http://www.jasc.com/
WinZip http://www.winzip.com/
Eksit Data http://www.eksitdata.com/_uk/index

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