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Kevin Harvick
Custom Designed Simulation Version Nascar Heat Car
of the New Richard Childress Goodwrench Chevrolet #29.This is the high detailed issue of an exacting replica featuring the new paint scheme. Special care was taken in each step of its design as you can see in the photo in the heading above. You won't find a better looking detailed car file or another place to get your own then right here. I also included the targa file for your convenience. Enjoy!

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Kevin Harvick Online, Home page site and information

www.kevinharvick.com Banner listing is Kevin's Internet main home page. There is just a whole bunch of good stuff at his home page. The site includes Photos, Articles, Family Interviews, History of Kevin, trivia questions, direct email and forum posting which Kevin during his spare time also responds to personally. If you want Kevin's autograph, there is even information for correct postal mailing and fan club information so it can guarantee you will be in line for a personal return signature from Kevin himself. Don't forget to Bookmark.

The New Goodwrench Chevrolet Team
(Driver) Kevin Harvick (shown here)
(Owner) Richard Childress
Kevin Harvick
Kevin Harvick
Kevin Harvick takes over the wheel
for the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.
click photo for larger views

www.racelinecentral.com photo c Richard and Kevin
photo b photo E photo D

Kevin Harvick Autograph and Fan Club Directory

GM Goodwrench
Thumbnail Photo
click photo for larger view

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