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Descriptions of Various Kinds of Virus Types

bugTrojan Horse is a program that appears to be useful or harmless but that contains hidden code designed to exploit or damage the system on which it is run. Trojan horse programs are most commonly delivered to users through e-mail messages that misrepresent the program's purpose and function. Also called Trojan code.

bugMalicious Code Software that fulfills the deliberately harmful intent of an attacker when run. For example, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are malicious code.

Virus Code written with the express intention of replicating itself. A virus attempts to spread from computer to computer by attaching itself to a host program. It may damage hardware, software, or data.

bugWorm Self-propagating malicious code that can automatically distribute itself from one computer to another through network connections. A worm can take harmful action, such as consuming network or local system resources, possibly causing a denial of service attack.

bugDenial of service attack (DoS) An attempt by a malicious (or unwitting) user, process, or system to prevent legitimate users from accessing a resource (usually a network service) by exploiting a weakness or design limitation in an information system. Examples of DoS attacks include flooding network connections, filling disk storage, disabling ports, or removing power.

Kaspersky Anti-Viral Programming
  • RacelineCentral Works Overtime to Make Your Downloads ALWAYS SAFE, We Use Only the Best Anti-ViralSoftware Available. Delete Your Norton & McAfee, They Use too Much of Your Precious Resources and can Interrupt Your Gaming. Don't be Fooled or Caught Sleeping on the Job!!! Download a Virus Fighter that Works with Your System, Faster & Smoothly. Online Updates are Available Up to the Minute or Set to Auto. Nothing Gets By this Virus Program! Set It & Forget it. The Firewall of Anti-Viral Fighters, Designed in a Country That has 1st Access to Many of the Original Virus Program Designers.
Kaspersky How to Check Your Files for Viruses
  • Online virus checker gives the possibility to check your files quickly and free of charge. You indicate the file to be checked, this file is uploaded from your computer to the "sanitary" server where it is scanned by the top-rated anti-virus program, Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Even the most recent viruses won't be missed as anti-virus databases are updated daily. Each time you may check only one file whose size does not exceed 1MB (if you attempt to upload a larger file the server will respond with a "technical error" page. To indicate the file to be checked put the name of the file into the field located at the top of the page or choose the file using the browse feature (button) and then click the button "check". If you need to check several files, create an archive (zip or arj etc.) and check the entire archive or check files one after the other. The size of the archive also must not exceed 1MB.

bugAvailable downloads
Kaspersky Labs provides downloadable removal tools, product upgrades, antivirus and antispam databases, extra secure databases and product documentation on our web site.

bugAntivirus database updates
In this section you can manually download the latest antivirus databases for your antivirus software and find out about the different antivirus updates currently available. You can also read about the different methods of updating antivirus databases - both for individual PCs and for centralized updates across networks.

bugFree removal tools
Kaspersky Labs reacts proactively to all new threats. Occasionally there are viruses that require special treatment. In such cases we provide removal tools for each specific virus.

bugTrial versions
It is always a good idea to try before you buy. You can download trial versions of our solutions and decide which product fits your requirements. Our trial versions are valid for 30 days.

bugProduct downloads
All current product downloads are located in this section: product upgrades, patches and documentation.

For your convenience product documentation is also available in a separate section, listed according to products.

bugExtra database options
Some people prefer to be extra sure. Our standard antivirus databases protect you from all viruses. However, if you want additional protection from other threats such as riskware, pornware and other illegal programs, this section is for you.

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