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SYSTEM TUNING (main) PC Complete System Tuning - Optimization, Calibrations Etc...
AWARD BIOS BIOS Setting - Tech Terms Information
GAMERS AWARD BIOS 1 BIOS Optimization - Tutorials about your BIOS
GAMERS AWARD BIOS 2 BIOS Optimization- Our Favorite BIOS Settings
BIOS UPDATES BIOS Flashing - Tools /Utilities /Downloads /Information
VIDEO CALIBRATION Calibrating Video Displays - Gamma /Color /Free Software
CONNECTION SPEEDS Increase Speed - Cable /DSL /Modems /Updates /Software /Testing
INTERNET SPEED TESTING Internet Connection Speed Test - Test Cable/ISDN /DSL /Modems
HIGH TECH FORUMS High-tech Forums - Benchmarking / Help / Hardware /Software
TWEAKS & TUNING High-tech Programming Tools - CPU, FSB, RAM, Tech Programs
HARD DRIVE SPEED Jumpers & Transfer Modes - Helpful and Thorough Information
RAM CHIP MODULES - DIMMS/SIMMs Examples of RAM - View modules used in today's Computers
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System Help & Informational Forum
futuremark.com is a benchmark software developer and internet based service provider. Powered by a series of internet enabled benchmarks and world's largest computer performance information data base, we have become the world leader in computer performance measurement and analysis.
Reviews / Forums / Downloads / BIOS / Case Mods / Databases / Documents
Your place for free C++, C# and .NET articles, code snippets, discussions, news and developers.Support Services, Software Tools, Software Company Reseller, Network Company, Multimedia, Magazine Publishing, Hardware, Employment, Education Training, Consulting-Solution.
VersionTracker and TechTracker
Your Search Has Ended
Rated in the top 50 web sites of the World,Version Tracker & Tech Tracker Databases all Your Updates of Software Programming Files. Archived Files List Updated Daily for Both MAC & WINDOWS Operating Systems.
The PC Enthusiast Resource
ATI forum community where you can obtain complete help and information dealing with ATI Video Cards, Drivers, Overclocking, Problems, DirectX, Benchmarking, Tweaker and more.
WinDOwS-Tricks � Secrets � Bugs � Fixes
Downloads 100% Freeware
This site is probably the most informative site for everything there is known about Windows, Tweaking, Fixes, Updates, Modems, Internet, Patches, Problem Solving, MS Bug Fixes. There is no way possible I could list all that this site has for people. Your just going to have to go there to experience it. In my opinion, this place is the internets best accumulation of files and help I have ever seen yet.
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VIA Gamers Arena is VIA Arena s beacon of information on the latest and greatest PC games and relevant hardware. Our purpose is to deliver regular focused and in-depth content, including news, reviews, interviews and related resources to VIA Arena's vast community of dedicated PC hardware enthusiasts. It's all about cutting edge games for cutting edge hardware - and visa versa. If you have any comments or suggestions on any aspect of the site we would love to hear from you. If you have any relevant news or information to share please let us know. Click on the appropriate link below to send us a message.
We are here to provide content on reviews, articles, and just about anything we can find out that would better help the tech community. Unlike some (not all) sites that you may have encountered which gear themselves toward making money we just want to further pursue our interests and provide you the reader with more information of the world of technology. 
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#1 Freeware Programmer's Web Ring
Get Free Software From The First Hand! The ring of sites where programmers present software written by them. Doorway and affiliate pages are not allowed. The Web Ring code must be placed on a webpage that gets hits.
Top500 super computer sites
To provide this new statistical foundation, we have decided in 1993 to assemble and maintain a list of the 500 most powerful computer systems. Our list has been compiled twice a year since June 1993 with the help of high-performance computer experts, computational scientists, manufacturers, and the Internet community in general who responded to a questionnaire we sent out.
Gadgets, Hardware, Internet, IT, Science, Software, Blogs
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