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utorrent BitTorrent Client File Downloader
uTorrent BitTorrent Client Downloader
This is a Repacked version with no ads or nuisance. Clean program that works the way you want. Find it on our Software Downloads Listing Page
Chinese Ban Microsoft Windows 8
In a move that caught Microsoft offguard, the Chinese government has issued a notice that agencies are to forego purchasing Windows 8 and installing the software on any new government devices.
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Microsoft News
Release of DOS source code
Microsoft has released the DOS source code for free. It's true and you can download it right now here. This seems to be proof that Microsoft is going through changes and this is the start.
Your System Handle the Game?
Run test online to see if your Computer is game worthy enough to deal with the high demanding games of today. Is it time again to update your CPU or maybe Video card? This will help you to decide which is needed the most so you can get with your friends in the game. Go to Games & Requirements at www.yougamers.com
Wise Program SuiteDownload
Wise System Suite Tools
This is a complete suite of 100% working system tools and utilities. Don't pass these valuable tools up because they are everything you need to keep your system running at peak. We don't upload programs to our server unless we used and approved them. These are far from junk and they are all ad free, safe, and respectable. Long time users of our site know what we mean. If your new to our site, it's time to get to know us. :.)
AMD Overdrive 4.3.1 latest
Download AMD Overdrive.
This is a program used for overclocking the AMD ATI Graphic card family. Download
AMD Releases Catalyst Update
AMD has released Catalyst version 14.12 video signed drivers. You can download from their site.
Free Games
Everyone likes free stuff and we have a hookup for online games to give away.
free EA games
Be sure to bookmark our site first and then head over to our site indexed page list and find out how to get all these great name games free.
"Updates System Programs Software"
This is a very respectable program that checks your system's present software and advises you of updated versions. It allows you to decide to download the newer version or not.
Google Gadgets
Google Gadgets-Webmasters
Google has set aside an area for special designed webpage gadgets that others create. This is a continuously growing list of coded web gadgets that can be very useful for the webpage builder. Check  this place out.
Google Gadgets
Google Webmaster Tools
Get your web site tools and site checks from Google
Official Member
This is a volunteer area that we belong to where we enjoy helping others that ask questions about almost anything. We enjoy the automotive section and it gives us a chance to help folks that need to get the job done. line
Online resource of system care, software, downloads, tools, utilities, game graphics and information
icon Online Resources for Racers, Gamers and Visitors
We have compiled a database of information, downloads, software, file decompile, instruction documents, graphics, links, tutorials, patches, NASCAR Games, and so much more. We are dedicated to our game community and to visitors seeking answers to their questions. From suspension setting to system settings and everything between. We have collected the game manipulation files and software that dates back over 14 years and is still a hot item to have. These tools can allow anyone to make changes to their favorite games. Enhancing the paint scheme on a race car with realistic decal logos or setting them up to grip the raceway.
We have testing available to check your internet speed from just about anywhere in the world. Check download and upload or bandwidth, as well as web site speed.
There is too much to list of what is available here and it continues to grow everyday. Be sure to bookmark us so you can return again and enjoy a relaxed internet site that doesn't require any personal information to explore.

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We have finally completed our site updates and theme change from the old red version to the new black. We have increased page view speed tremendously and organize the pages for easier viewing. With 182 pages not including our graphics area display pages it was a time consuming job. We finally can take a well deserved break from re-coding to the new HTML 5 and CSS 2.1. This new code should now display pages the way the page is ment to look and across multiple browsers. We hope you enjoy our NEW look, its a well deserved change to benefit our visitors.
*If you see any problems during your visit, please let us know by using the email link at the lower end of this page.

arrow2015 Racing Schedules Have Been Posted: HERE
The 2015 Racing Schedules are posted for this year. The following racing series dates and locations are available.
IHRA-all divisions

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We have completed our Government pages listings too. More American Government informational links then anywhere else. From the local government to all the military branches to the CIA, we have all the G-Man links you will ever need again.

arrowCheck Out Our New Auto Brand Labels Page: HERE
We just created a new Auto Label, Decal, Patches, Logos page with a huge assortment of Auto related branding. From the classic car performance era to present day, this covers them all. Look back in the past for those who remember the days of Don Garlits and STP and many many more. This page will bring back the memories when you and your dad would work on cars together in the garage.


Driving is Your Given Right - Your Right to Travel Safely
RacelineCentral.com is a firm believer of civil rights. As time goes on, it seems more and more of these rights are taken from us. More laws, more taxes, more police abuse and it continues to worsen. Where does it end? Know Your Rights.

What the US Government does not want you to know!
Did you know that driving is your right and not a privilege, if you live in the US?
We uploaded a page that is a very informative posting about everything you need to know about your rights as a driver of a motor vehicle. It explains what you should do and say in the event you are pulled over by a police officer or have to go to court to fight a traffic ticket. There are examples of actual court cases and step by step questioning for your defense. As police seem to think you have no rights when your stopped by one, you need to exercise your rights and get the respect you deserve. Stop this increase of police harassment and start defending your given rights to travel safely. You do not have to speak to an officer if you do not want to. If you are ever asked to have your car searched by an officer, remember to say," I do not consent to searches". There is no reason to have a car searched unless you were reported in a crime.
You will be surprised on what you don't know concerning the laws of the road. The government does not want you to know what your true rights are as a driver.
If just a very small percentage of drivers whom received traffic violations contested their tickets, there would be havoc within the financial balance of our local cities and courts would be overflowing. Most people that get a traffic violation just end up paying the ticket and that's it. Well, this is exactly what the government wants to happen in our local traffic court systems. The system is designed to make money and it does it very well by using you for it's payments. Local Law enforcement, street updates and maintenance, traffic signal installation and much more depends on a large amount of money given to them for fines and violations, etc.
There is so much more to read about in Your Right to Travel . Learn to better protect your rights as a traveler on our highways. Stop thinking like the government wants you to think and learn the truth about your Right to Travel. You will be surprised what you have been missing and will be more informed the next time you are asked for license, registration and proof of insurance.

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ESRB Rating System
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is the non-profit, self-regulatory body that assigns ratings for video games and apps so parents can make informed choices.
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