Mirror Effect Tutorial Mirror Effect Tutorial
Z-Modeler Mirror Effect Tutorial
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Ok the first thing to do is load a car to zmod. Once you've got that done, you need to go to the objects box and make copies of the objects used for the cars. I'm using the HCford2k2 so, I'll want to copy the high1[1] through high1[11],the four rtire1[0] through rtire1[3].also you can copy the high1[52] object that is the front suspension parts this is up to you I use them on my cars. All the others aren't used they are damage lods you can delete these if you like) Just right click on the objects I've listed above and a box will pop up (see pic) click ok, then click ok again. Do this till you have a copy of each one.
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Step 1 Mirror objects in zmodeler
Now if you done this correct you should now have a whole bunch of new objects, high1[0] through high1[71], and rtire1[4] through rtire1[7]. Now go to all the original ones I listed first and deselect them (the high1[1] through high1[11] and the four rtire1[0] through rtire1[3], and the high1[52](if you copied this one) if deselected they will not (not) be highlighted and the original car will not show. you must do this step or you will just have two cars mirrored.
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Step 2 Mirror objects in zmodeler
Now you are ready to make the mirrored car. Go to the top of zmod in toolbar and make sure to select (V) mode only. also select the Select All tab. and the SEL tab in the objects box. the car should turn red. then go to the top right and also select Modify, and  Mirror.
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Step 3 Mirror objects in zmodeler
STEP 4 Now place you're mouse in the front view box (should be the top left car view) and click. Now click on Reorient and place mouse in front view again and click again. you should see this, as in pic at right). click expand
Step 4 Mirror objects in zmodeler
OK you're done making the mirror now go back and make sure you reselect (H) mode ,so now the (H V) will be highlighted, also deselect Reorient and Modify, also deselect the SEL tab and click the Deselect Tab
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Step 5 Mirror objects in zmodeler
OK now that you've got the mirror done now you'll probably notice that the cars need to be lined up on the horizontal plane (Make sure you are back in (H V) mode for this) First hide one of the cars to do this, by deselecting the objects as mentioned before in STEP 2. then you'll need to select the SEL tab and the Select All, and the Modify, Move options then the car should show red and in either the Front view or the Right view line the car to the horizontal line so the the tires are just over the line. then hide this car and do the same with the other. this will be a trial and error process till you see no air between the tires and that both cars are aligned front to rear
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Step 6 Mirror objects in zmodeler
Now you have a mirrored car of the one above. ok lets go turn the original car back on. just go to the high1[1] through high1[11] and the four rtire1[0] through rtire1[3], and the high1[52](if you copied this one), and reselect them, they will be highlighted. Also go back and deselect the Modify, Move, and the SEL tab, and click the Deselect tab
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Step 7 Mirror objects in zmodeler
You will now be able to make Mirrored screenshots of cars in ZMOD like a pro every time as this way its so easy and the cars are always lined up. There is two ways to do this, you can have just the top original car and place it in any angle you want, make you're screen shot then (without moving the car) turn off all the objects to that car and turn on the objects to the Bottom car). It will already be lined up in position, hit print screen and place the two together as layers on any background you like. You can have them both showing at same time. Note, if you use a chrome or lighting effect and don't want it to show on the bottom car (mirror) do it with the one car version at a time and when doing the bottom car (turn off Always High Blend) (High Chrome). Also there is another way that looks really nice by using a semi Transparent Floor, but that will be the next tutorial, unless you already know how.
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