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Millennium 3D - Textures, models, tutorials and lots of other free stuff.
Millennium 3D Textures, models, tutorials and lots of other free stuff.

Ultimate 3D Links
One of the best in the world for files, links and tutorials.

Training Center for visualization technologies
Training Center for Visualization Technologies in a brand new facility partners with top program companies.

Awesome site for Discreet 3D and Digital Video information
3D & Digital Video Discreet, Software Support, Training

Best 3dsmax site for modeling
This site is about the best 3dsmax site on the net. It has everything you will ever need and much more.

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mtmMT Masness
MTMadness Guild useful Modeler info. Good site to have if your looking for tools or tutorials. 193+MTM Race Tracks

ava paintshop


latest games news 3D APPLICATIONS

Nendo / Mirai
Rhino 3D
SideFX Houdini

latest games news GRAPHIC SOFTWARE

National Association of Photoshop Professionals
Adobe Photoshop and other products

Photoshop Plug in, fix image distortion, pin cushioning, keystoning

The ultimate guide to Photoshop 7.0

Watermarking software. Included In Adobe products.
Camera Bits

Photoshop Plug-in, Quantum Mechanic & Nikon D1 Band-Aid fix digital noise.

Software serial numbers
Software plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, & more.
Filters and Color Calibrations
Altamira Group
Award winning imaging software
Windows Software Updates
Update All Windows O/S
Keep track of software updates.
Media Management Made Easy
Software and applications
Aladdin Systems
Software and applications
Callas Software
Press and Pre-Press applications.
Quark X Press and more.
Quite Software
Press and Pre-Press applications.
Alien Skin Software
Filters for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Macromedia Fireworks, and Jasc Paint Shop Pro.

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3D Cafe
3D Toons shop
3D Vortex
Car models
Digital Craftsman
Digital Stock

Planetary maps
Special FX's textures
Suurland's Blueprints
Syndesis Corp.
Texture Library
Viewpoint Datalabs

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Boomer Labs
Cuneyt Ozdas
David Gould
Digimation Inc.
Peter Watje


mmersive Imaging
World leader in immersive imaging.
Web VR
Virtual reality imaging on the web.
Quicktime VR
Virtual reality software
latest games news AUDIO & AUDIO MIXING
Best Audio Mixer
Beginner Guitar HQ

The Best Game Modeling and Blueprints Resources in the World
Header car shot
for 2D/3D Designers, Pro or Beginners

Links to Game Modeling Software Sites and Blueprints for Experienced and Beginning Modelers. Find Exactly What You Need to Start Learning 3D Modeling Many of these Modeling Software companies offer demos, Free CD's, Trials and Totally Free downloads of full operating software. Investigate your options so that you may benefit from what is available and supplied. These are the most well known of software sites for modeling ranging from over $2,000 dollars to Free. We will continue to connect you to the best available Modeling sites on the web.

DirectX 9.0c Download
Drivers v9.0c (10KB-166666KB) Released 08/04/2004

Mirror Objects Tutorial - Using Zmodeler
This tutorial will teach you how to create a realistic Mirror Reflection for your model, so you may display it in a True 3-dimensional view. Comes complete with software and each step is shown with pictorial.

Sim Racing Environmental Map Reflection Example
Looking for that perfect environmental reflection for your finished Mod? You know, the one that is going to make your friends say great job when they download your mod racing add-on. Well, this is an ideal mapping which emulates grandstands, sky and horizon effects for a realistic effect that makes that final touch of a custom add-on mod look totally professional. This example file is compatible with all modeling programs and can definitely enhance any cool racing sim game. Give it try, change it, tweak it, do whatever.
DirectX 9.0a SDK Extras - Direct3D Tools
This download contains modeling package plug-ins for extracting skinning information for use with Direct3D.It contains plug-ins for 3DStudio Max 3.0, 3DStudio Max 4.0, 3DStudio Max 5.0, Maya 2.5, Maya 3.0, Maya 4.0. The MView source code is provided along with old conversion tools.

Mod Tool Download for 3DSMax exporting to .MOD format & .3ds2mod DOS format
This download is a 3DSMax helper plug-in which contains 2 files. First one goes into your 3DSMax standard plug-in folder for exporting to .MOD format. The 2nd is 3ds2mod stand alone for use in DOS window format saving. Readme file included with these 2 files. Download and then unzip using WINZIP and read the instructions included.

Texture Eyes
QuickDraw 3D - TextureEyes For Windows, TextureEyes is a QuickDraw 3D application for illustrating how pictures can be applied to 3D objects. You can select from a simple set of 3D objects in the palette or drag more complex 3DMF files into the window and manipulate them to view them from any position. This application also demonstrates what's possible with the standard toolbox routines from the QuickDraw 3D and QuickTime system extensions.

Blueprint Collection on the Internet
blueprints for modeling Top fuel dragster bluprint
Batmobile Blueprints Top Fuel Dragster Blueprints
Toyota Blueprints

3D Links logo

Ultimate 3D Links
You better have a lot of time on your hands for this site and You may not be seen again once you fall in and start searching through the mountains of stuff. A clean layout helps for what seems to be a nice archive for all your 3D needs. Here are their Categories which link lists follow each on this site. Discussion Forums 3D Information 3D Software 3D Plug-ins 3D Community 3D Objects Textures
3D Books 3D Programming 3D Hardware 3D Galleries 3D Tutorials


Textures-Tutorials-3D Models-Free Graphics
All models and scenes here are Copyright 1997-2003, Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc., You may use these models (meshes) royalty-free In your own work to create 2D images, animations, print graphics or web graphics. You may also include them as part of your software package in a proprietary format with credits and written permission from Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc., but you may not resell, sublicense or give away any of these models individually or as part of a collection or web page of any kind. By using these mesh objects made by

Low Polygon Techniques

Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc., you and your company explicitly agree with these terms and conditions.
Game Modeling Using Low Polygon Techniquesbr Charles River Media By Chad and Eric Walker
The helpers and designers of the award-winning Game of the Year Age of Kings for Microsoft and the Age of Conquerors x-pack. The multi-billion dollar computer game industry is growing at an incredible rate, and the competition to produce real-time games with faster, more realistic effects is fierce. Mastering real-time issues is a challenge for even the most seasoned developers, but one essential tool for overcoming real-time problems is to use low polygon models. The Art of Low Polygon Count Modeling teaches modelers how to create game-ready 3D models using any 3D application. Through step-by-step instructions, modelers learn the necessary skills, organizational techniques, and most effective ways to use 3D applications to create low poly models. Tutorials and how-to guidelines, teach users modeling techniques from the initial sketch phase to final development.

Multiplayer Game Programming

Multiplayer Game Programming
by Todd Barron, Andre Lamothe
Multiplayer Game Programming enables you to write your own completely Internet-ready video games using DirectX and or sockets. This book reveals techniques and secrets of online gaming technology and teaches you the skills necessary to get involved in the video game industry. This book is perfect for hobbyist programmers who want to learn how to write online video games, software programmers wanting to move to online game programming and the millions of video game players who want to learn.

NewTek lightWave 3D

Proven for years in television, film, and games, LightWave 3D is also being used to create graphics for print, web, industrial design, architecture, medical imaging, and many other applications. A full, robust program, LightWave 3D includes many of the tools that others sell separately. Soft-body dynamics, particles, hair and fur, plus unlimited render nodes, to name a few; LightWave 3D ships with all the tools an artist needs to create virtually anything. This program is around $1000 I think now.

Nurbs model software

Voted 59% over other software's, this site has a try before you buy plus you can also download some plug-ins too. Most of all the tutorial and learning process is superb.

3D Studio MaxDiscreet home pageautodesk home page

Developers of 3D Studio MAX & AutoCAD Editor
Discreet, a division of AutoDesk, was established in 1999 after AutoDesk acquired Discreet Logic Inc. merged operations with Kinetix (former developers of 3D Studio). Discreet develops systems and software for visual effects, 3D animation, editing and broadcast. Discreet tools are used to create digital moving pictures for video, HDTV, feature films, broadcast graphics, interactive games, and the Web. Discreet systems are also popular with designers and architects for 3D visualization and conceptualization.

multigen / paradigmsim

Collection of Modeling and Simulation Resources on the Internet
Galleria 2 This site contains a series of links to various software tools and libraries for simulation. Each link is associated with a brief description, which helps the reader in selecting the simulation tool best suited to her/his needs.

Society for Computer Simulation

The Technical Organization of Scientist, Engineers and Research Professionals
The most important source of information about computer simulation. International, multidisciplinary forum dedicated to research, development and applications of simulation. Thousands of papers on simulation published each year.


Independent 3D Editor 1.7 or 2.0
ZModeler gives you a some common functions, like Move, Rotate, Delete and others. ZModeler also has an advanced edit- and create- functions that makes a creation process much simpler and faster. Also Modeler is very good when working or creating a low-polygon-count object (that all 3D games use) and that feature distinguishes it from other advanced editors that create realistic, but too detailed meshes. Low polygon count meshes rendered by Direct 3D with a high speed FPS (Frame Per Second Rate). These are things that you should remember when you create a detailed meshes in any Modeler.

Zmodeler 3D Program1.7

ZModeler 1.7 - Create 3D Objects

Zmodeler 3D Program 2.0

ZModeler 2.0 - Create 3D Objects

Zmodeler Complete Tutor 1.7

ZModeler - Tutor - Learn to use ZModeler

ZModeler - Basic Lessons

ZModeler - Basic Lessons

ZModeler - Advanced Lessons

ZModeler - Advanced Lessons


POVLAB is a full 3D graphic modeler, which models 3D objects for the photo-realistic povteam Persistence Of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray). Look for POVLAB 4.0 and Download the latest version.


Independent 3D Editor
Anim8or is a 3D modeling and character animation program that I have written over the past couple of years, not as commercial endeavor, but because I love 3D graphics, animation, and programming. While it is far from a complete professional level application like 3DStudio MAX or Lightwave, I believe that it has enough capability to be of use to others.


This site has been put together in an effort to properly document the model editing program BINedit, written by Oliver Pieper, and currently being updated by Richard Borchard III. BINedit is an editor for the objects used in the Microsoft and Terminal Reality Inc. (TRI) games Monster Truck Madness and Monster Truck Madness 2, Fury3, Hellbender, CART Precision Racing, FLY! and probably some more. This program and this site were developed with MTM in mind, but should work for other games, too.


Strata outfits design professionals with products that are easy to use. These products provide sophisticated results - sitting between basic design tools (such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator), and complex final output applications (such as Macromedia Flash MX, Director, Dreamweaver, or Freehand). Software for Microsoft Windows.


Blender is the first and only fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite allowing modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, real time interactive 3D and game creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility - all in one tidy, easily and free downloadable package! "Blender is quickly being transformed from an impressive 3D creativity tool to a full-blown games and new media design application."


We're a design consultancy and technology research lab. At heart, we're designers who have an intense desire to turn human experiences with technology products into positive, fruitful interactions.


created by Icekid84 of www.smcars.net
Corrected & Reflowed by RacelineCentral
Well this site is the top one that most people think of when they want blueprints although its not been updated in some time its still a nice place to go.
Suurland Website

This is a nice site but as far as usefulness goes they are pretty bad I however go there if he has a car I want to do (If I can decipher the image and what everything is and its clear enough to make out) I'll look at those and use them for reference to how a car curves in the front etc.
Blueprint 69 Website

This is a site with a small share of prints but prints none the less and hey it helps fill up this post I'm making.
3d Box Website

Well I just found this site and its pretty nice, especially if your a Russian car enthusiast. Car names in there I couldn't even begin to pronounce.
3d Center.ru Website

This is a very very good source for prints he has prints unique his site very clean and easy to navigate great site to check out
Onnovanbraam Website

Gearhead Heaven
This is a site I've known about for some time but forgot when I made this, its a site you really wouldn't find unless you searched specifically.
Gearhead Heaven

Well first off thanks to L Åström for this link, I had been there but I had forgotten it. But anyhow this is a nice site there not blueprints but Hot car folder images, and they can be as useful as prints in my opinion, so check it out.
Swaq Valley Website

Well this was a new one on me ,special thanks to my friend Remko for this great site I checked it out and indeed lots of great truck prints. So give it a try if your into big rigs or delivery trucks.
Jasper truck prints

Historacing Blueprints
(EDIT)Well I checked this one out finally(EDIT) Its a nice site easy to navigate, there's not to many prints but for the ones they do have they are unique to there site, I especially liked the Ferrari P4 I thought I knew which was coming up but it was a totally different P4. and the other types of images they have (angle drawings) well don't dismiss them just yet you could probably use them to see where an air vent is on the hood, or how far the tires sit in the car , views such as that. Special thanks to Remko for this very interesting site. Check it out here
Historacing Blueprints Site

Pelican Parts
Well thanks to Remko for this great site. I think I've been there before it has a few prints but they are great none the less. Plus has other links besides prints unique to itself. So check it out here.
Pelican Parts website

Transwheel corporation
Well not blueprints but great for if you want a texture for your stock wheels. Thanks to Remko for this great site. I checked it out a few links and its nice because the wheels are facing you and not angled so that helps a lot check it out here
Transwheel corporation

Hobby Search
Well this is a nice site where you can get blueprints instructions . Its a nice site that takes up space. It takes a bit to find the prints you have to wait till your search brings back a car with a setup like this ( http://www.1999.co.jp/asp/GoodsDetai...ce_right_e.asp ) see the numbers at the bottom those are the ones with the prints. check it out (main site) here
Hobby Search

Well this is not a blueprint but I'll put it up since Remko was kind enough to provide it. I checked it out and this is quiet nice no more just throwing random colors on you cars if your making them for games or just modeling for the rendering of it. This site provides many color codes. Check it out here
Carmodeler Color Catalog

Well for some people a Ferrari having the wrong colors can be the worst sin of all. A Ferrari in Hot pink would even make me sick. But not to worry thanks to Remko for this nice link it provides the colors that Ferraris come in Check it out here
Ferrari Color Code section

The Mustang Color Guide
Well this is pretty interesting not only does this person who made this website show us the color codes but also real pictures of each car with the colors on them. Not only that but the each Mustang year type is individually separated. So thanks to Remko for this. Check it out here.
Mustang Color Guide

JP Racing
Well believe it or not but I didn't know that JP had blueprints till a few weeks ago I never got around to adding here so here we go. Well this is a really nice site its clean, and easy to maneuver around, also has prints not found here. Thanks to Jurenic for providing this. Check it out here.
JP Racing Blueprints

Awkua Blueprints
Well I recently found this place on my own, and they have very high quality prints there, very few but what they lack in number of prints they make up in quality. You can find a 80's 911, 360, f50,Toyota Zagato, and some other prints there. Check it out here
Awkua Blueprints

The Blueprint Collection
Well I thought that blueprint69 and this were the same but I guess not, before this site was hosted on a geocities I thought and the prints were at least useful but now the only good place to go is this place because blueprint69 is useless the pictures are incredibly to small. Check it out here
The Blueprint Collection

Mr. Clipart
Well this was a surprise, great site, to get the full service or images in higher quality you have to pay for those but if I was desperate for a print of a angle of a car Id go here, I wasn't to fond of of there Hummer but the rest looks fine.
Mr Clipart Site

Well I found this a while back it was ironic in a way. I was looking for McLaren F1 GTR prints I had some small ones and I decided to enlarge them. So I did so they were ok and I was satisfied. Well the next day at school I decided out of boredom to give it another go and try searching for more well oh and behold I found this site and was flabbergasted. It had perfect prints not just of the McLaren but of others too. Porsche 917s, Corvettes all racing but they were great. So check this great site out here.
GTSLOTCars Prints

Mark Gussin's Slot Cars
Well yet another slot car site comes up in having great prints. I found this site a while back but until now could not remember the url. Got lucky and found it and here it is. It has a lot of prints from another site I think I have on here. But also have some color new ones, not sure how they were made. Check it out here.
Mark Gussin's Slot Cars

Scale Plans
I have known of this site for quiet a long time now its funny, don't know why I never posted it in here. but it probably doesn't matter lots of the prints from that site are already here. But it takes up space and makes this list nice. Check it out here.
Scale Plans

HO Models
Well its good to see a new site again, it just goes to show that there are still so many print sites out there that are still unknown about to me. And this one is no exception. Special thanks to AlexK (who also donated quiet a nice supply of prints to our collection also) for submitting this site. Well its in German and I didn't really examine it closely but its got lots of trucks and bus prints on it, (old ones mostly) But there are still a lot of people I'm sure who just love those types of vehicles. Check it out here.
HO Models

Herderova Auta
Well this site is GREAT, I found this , cant even remember how. But I was doing a routine search for new sites or prints and found it. I've noticed a few people around who always complain of prints being too small. Well this site will probably make you bite your tongue off. Its prints are HUGE, and great quality. Has great cars such as 935 Moby Dick Porsche, 935, XJR-5, Alpine Renault A443, and many others. Also don't forget to check out the second page with more prints, its got a link at the bottom. Check it out here.
Herderova Auta

Japanese AutoCAD designs
Well I couldn't even tell you what the name of this site is since I'm too lazy to download the foreign language correction program. But anyhow it has some great cad designs that look very accurate. Mclaren,Rx7 ( 94 design) and the new MR2, along with a few others. Well also I didn't download any of the designs but you can get a larger version ( I think) by clicking on the pink letters next to the picture or by clicking on the picture. Check it out here.
Cad Car Layout designs

zzzip's Prints
Sorry zzzip (hope I got the right about of ps or spelled it right, if not I'll go back and recheck). Anyhow this site has two very rare and nice prints along with a Ferrari F50 and F40, but along he has a Nissan 300ZX and a Racing CLK-GTR. Thanks zzzip for the heads up on the site. And also everyone check out the great models on the site as well. Check it out here
zzzip's Prints

perso.club-internet Jeep Blueprints
Well this place is a real treat. AlexK posted the url to someone in need of a CJ7 reference pictures. Well I took a look inside and almost every possible Jeep you could think of from WWII to the 1980's CJs. I didn't look long enough to see if they had the other Jeep models made after the CJ. But anyhow if your a Jeep enthusiast. Check it out here.
Perso.club Jeep Plans

Well this again is not a blueprint site, but I like to include whatever someone has to give, as long as its relevant to modeling. And this is a nice treat. This site is has every color or so it claims from 1920- to Present or what be. The only draw back but easy to get around is this little no right clicking message when you try. To get by it I already knew myself, Just right click message pops up keep finger on right click and put it over the message. Left click the ok button and then right click the image and it should work. OR to get by all that hassle when the image you like pops up just press the Print screen key and take it into a image program like Paint, PSP, Photoshop. Thanks Remko great site Check it out here.
Auto Car Library

Wheels and rims.com
Well I've not checked it out but I'm sure if Le Bucheron says its a good source then it must be So check it out here.
Wheels and Rims Site

Auta a vojenská technika - plánky
What the title means I have no clue but its in Czech. But language barrier means nothing when you see this site. A big thanks to Le Bucheron for the heads up on this place. I saw a multitude of prints not seen elsewhere. Bunch of 70-80's race cars an Mercedes 300 SLS some military vehicles, just to name a few. My next venture is to see and find out more about the source these came from. Some magazine. if we have any member who knows please tell so the collection can grow here. Check it out here.
Auta a vojenská technika - plánky

lwg3d.com FNF prints
Well this next place has the prints in a topic, thanks to Cereal for the heads up of this place. I could not view them but I figure that you must register to view the prints. However I did not register but if you want to see these prints then just register there. I think from what I read they are Fast and Furious prints. Check it out here.
FNF prints topic by axelr8

Bim.Km Prints
Well judging from the url ending in .ru I'm guessing this is a Russian site. So I don't know the name of the site. but I do know its got some ok prints. I say ok because I've seen most of those at other print sites, but since it helps add to the list here we go. Credit to Disco for this site.
Bim.Km Prints

Well this is a nice site, though I've seen larger prints (for most) of these cars thanks to the wonderful contributions of the members and so forth. They may be small but I could make them work if there was a car on there I wanted badly enough. Well credit to Zum for the heads up on this place.

Well this is another site that is supposed to be used by professional people for designing signs and graphics on vehicles a type of template. I've seen quiet a few of them but most were not worth showing, just to small in some cases, but this one is different has larger versions of the vehicles. Great find by DaMotax.

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