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Database Archive for Adoption Resources, Business Directories,Street Maps, Military Resources, People Directories/Searches,
Database Archive for Adoption Resources, Business Directories,
Street Maps, Military Resources, People Directories/Searches

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Adopt Search Registry ADOPT SEARCH REGISTRY - Free search forum & registry.
Adoptee Internet Mailing List AIML - Internet mailing list, adoptee advice in conducting a search and have discussions of varied reunion outcomes.
Adoptee Miracle Search Network ADOPTEE MIRACLE SEARCH NETWORK - Offers services for adoptee and birth parents including searchable database.
Adoptee Search Center ADOPTEE SEARCH CENTER - One of the largest online databases available on the net.
Adoptee Searcher's Handbook ADOPTEE SEARCHER'S HANDBOOK - Numerous Canadian resources for the adoptee or birth parent.
Adoption Connections Project ADOPTION CONNECTIONS PROJECT - A growing group of individuals dedicated to bringing together families.
Adoption Records and Queries ADOPTION RECORDS AND QUERIES - WWW bulletin board.
Birth Quest BIRTH QUEST - International database dedicated to search adoptee, birth parents, adoptive parents and siblings.
Canadian Adoptee Registry CANADIAN ADOPTEE REGISTRY - Canadian searches, register information, other tools that they have made available.
Find Me FIND ME - Online adoptee/birthparent registry sorted by decade.
Intn'l Soundex Reunion Registry INTERNATIONAL SOUNDEX REUNION REGISTRY - The world's largest reunion registry.
Kindred Pursuits KINDRED PURSUITS - a free registry available to anyone searching for kin in Canada or the United States.
Locate Me LOCATE ME - Professional locate service.
Lost Connections LOST CONNECTIONS - Many adoption resources and a reunion registry.
Lost n Found Adoption Registry LOST N FOUND ADOPTION REGISTRY - database for registering an adoption, searching for matching adoption records.
Lycos Birth Parent Search LYCOS BIRTH PARENT SEARCH - Message board.
Merry-Go-Round Search Registry MERRY-GO-ROUND SEARCH REGISTRY - DOES NOT POST e-mail, postal addresses, telephone numbers.
Metro Reunion Registry METRO REUNION REGISTRY - Registrations include nearly every State, Canada, and 17 foreign countries.
My Adoption Page MY ADOPTION PAGE - Article that is about adoption, adoptee issues, birthparents, adopting, and searching.
PBN Reunion Bureau PBN REUNION BUREAU - Online message posting board which can be accessed by state.
Relatively Seeking RELATIVELY SEEKING - Allows you to search for relatives, as well as, leave entries within the database.
Relinquished Registry RELINQUISHED REGISTRY - Registry, message board and other resources.
Reunions Magazine REUNIONS MAGAZINE - Reunion organizing, searching, helping organizers be educated wise reunion consumers.
Reunion Registry REUNION REGISTRY - Provides a free "Search Assistant" that allows you to search their registry with ease.
Seekers Of The Lost SEEKERS OF THE LOST - Claim to have the largest search registry online with over 42000 records.
Shea's Search Series SHEA'S SEARCH SERIES - An online guide to self-empowered adoptee search methods and other related information.
The Difference THE DIFFERENCE - Registry and numerous other resources.
The Reunion Network THE REUNION NETWORK - A complete network of services for adoptee and birth parents.
Volunteer Search Network VOLUNTEER SEARCH NETWORK - worldwide group of volunteers who offer search help to people touched by adoption.
Who? Me? WHO? ME? - Search registry for those searching for others.
Airlines Of The Web AIRLINES OF THE WEB - Book flights online.
Canadian Yellow Pages CANADIAN YELLOW PAGES - Online searchable listings for Canada.
Company Web Site Locator COMPANY WEB SITE LOCATOR - Search for a companies web or FTP site.
Corptech Database CORPTECH DATABASE - Details on each of America's 50,000+ manufacturers and developers of high-tech products.
Dot Com Directory DOT COM DIRECTORY - Dot Com's business directory.
GTE's Yellow pages GTE'S YELLOW PAGES - Online yellowpages, searchable by name, category and state.
Help Find it HELP FINDIT - Multiple search's for products and businesses.
Hotel Directory HOTEL DIRECTORY - Massive listing of hotels Make reservations, print maps and even check flights.
Hong Kong Yellow Pages HONG KONG YELLOW PAGES - Online searchable yellow pages.
Jewish Business Directory JEWISH BUSINESS DIRECTORY - Online listings of Jewish businesses.
National Direct Internet Yellow Pages NATIONAL DIRECT - Internet yellow pages.
Pronet Global Business Center PRONET GLOBAL BUSINESS CENTER - 1.6 million business listings - database.
GTE's Yellow pages GTE'S YELLOW PAGES - Online yellowpages, searchable by name, category and state.
World Yellow Pages WORLD YELLOW PAGES - On-line yellow page listings.
Yellow Pages YELLOW PAGES - Searchable yellow page listings.
Zip2 Door-to-Door ZIP2 DOOR-TO-DOOR - Search the yellow pages.
ArcData Online ARCDATA ONLINE - Large online map base.
Excite Maps EXCITE MAPS - Numerous maps including a utility for mapping a U.S. street address.
Expedia Maps EXPEDIA MAPS - Maps plus driving directions, place finder and address finder.
Lyco's - Roadmap LYCOS - ROADMAP - Enter a street address and receive a detailed street map.
MapBlast Maps MAPBLAST - Create your own interactive map, generate HTML code, you can e-mail or place on a web page.
Maps.Com MAPS COM - Large assortment of maps online.
MapsDataOnline MAPSDATAONLINE - Online digital USA maps.
MapQuest MAPQUEST - personalized maps whereby you may type in an address and then view the street map.
Maps On Us MAPS ON US - Create maps using a variety of methods. Store favorites for later use.
Online Map Creation ONLINE MAP CREATION - Create maps of your choosing, online.
StreetMap.Com STREETMAP COM - Large online selection of street maps.
Trips Com TRIPSCOM - Search tools by state or city.
Webcrawler Maps WEBCRAWLER MAPS - Enter a street address and receive a detailed street map.
Yahoo maps YAHOO MAPS - Retrieve maps by street address, intersection or airport code.
Air Force Link AIR FORCE LINK - Air force link: search site.
All POW + MIA ALL POW + MIA - Information and search resources for pow's and mia's.
American Vet/Military Registry AMERICAN VETERAN/MILITARY REGISTRY - List the names of every American served in uniform since birth of nation.
Army Homepage ARMY HOMEPAGE - Latest army news, location resources, links and large library of army related information.
Army Link ARMY LINK - FAQ on how to obtain various army records.
Defense POW/MIA DEFENSE POW/MISSING PERSONNEL - Repatriate Americans captured or missing
Getting Military Records GETTING MILITARY RECORDS - Offers detailed information on how to go about obtaining military records.
Korean War Project KOREAN WAR PROJECT - Numerous databases including KIA, MIA and WIA. Other related information.
Marine Search (U.S. Military) MARINE SEARCH - Search for U.S. Marines located throughout the United States and abroad.
Military Buddies, Pals, Shipmates MILITARY BUDDIES - A central repository of information for locating military buddies including an online registry..
Military Record Search MILITARY RECORD SEARCH - Will research several known sources of military records.
Military Search Bulletin Board MILITARY SEARCH BULLETIN BOARD - Bulletin post messages related to finding lost military buddies or reunion notices.
Military Locator Service MILITARY LOCATOR SERVICE - Search active duty personnel, overseas personnel, duty losses, reserves, military bases.
Military Personal Records - NPRC MILITARY PERSONAL RECORDS - Military personnel, health, medical record, deceased all services during 20th Century.
Military Reunion Classified Ads MILITARY REUNION CLASSIFIED ADS - Leave and/or search the free classified ads.
MilitaryUSA MILITARY USA - Searchable database of military records & reunions.
Militarily Seeking MILITARILY SEEKING - Allows you to search for military personnel, as well as, leave entries within the database.
National Archives Of Canada NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA - Over 5,500,000 former military/civilian employee of Canadian AF and Fed.Pub.Ser.
NATIONAL Council Aging Care's Military NATIONAL Council for Aging Care's guide on Military Veteran Benefit Options
National Veteran Archive NATIONAL VETERANS ARCHIVES - Searchable veteran listings.
Navy Locator NAVY LOCATOR - Bureau of Naval Personnel sailor search.
People Finder - Veterans PEOPLE FINDER - VETERANS - Offers postings from veterans and those looking for them.
Seekers Of The Lost SEEKERS OF THE LOST - Claim to have the largest search registry online with over 42000 records.
U.S. DoD Defense Link US DOD DEFENSE LINK - Personal locator.
Veterans Information Service VETERANS INFORMATION SERVICE - Large resource of information and services for the veteran.
Vets.Com VETS.COM - The #1 Source for Veterans Information and Help!
Vietnam MIA Database VIETNAM MIA DATABASE - Documents of interest such as last names, country names, service branches and keywords.
1-800 U.S. Search 1-800 U.S. SEARCH - Offers various search packages for finding anyone in the United States.
555-1212 People Finder 555-1212 PEOPLE FINDER - Searches from one search engine for locating email addresses and phone numbers.
Alumni.Net ALUMNI.NET - Search for previous classmates around the globe.
Ameridex For People Tracing 200 million names, 170 million with date of birth, compiled from multiple public, private, and proprietary sources.
AnyBirthday.com ANYBIRTHDAY.COM - Over 135 million records for the Birthdates of someone.
AnyWho ANYWHO - Provides various online people searches including reverse phone number lookups.
AOL Email Finder AOL EMAIL FINDER - Find an email address using name and/or address.
AOL NetFind AOL NETFIND - Look up phone numbers, addresses, maps and directions for businesses in any U.S. city.
Big Foot White Pages BIG FOOT - Allows you to search email and white page listings using a person's name.
Canada 411 CANADA 411 - Searchable address/telephone listings for Canadians.
Civilian Records Facility - NPRC Civilian Records - CR stores IRS records, civilian personnel and medical records, and government employee records.
ClassMates Online CLASSMATES ONLINE - Asks your Email address, High School went to, sends you Email address of those in Alumni.
College Email Search COLLEGE EMAIL SEARCH - This site allows you to search entries in the College Email Database.
Confi-chek CONFI-CHEK - Find people by name or phone number.
CyberPages Missing Persons Page CYBERPAGES MISSING PERSONS PAGE - Offers free search assistance in locating missing persons.
Database America DATABASE AMERICA - Allows you to look up a person using their phone number or last name.
EmailChange.Com EMAILCHANGE.COM - Change of email address registry & search engine.
Email Finder EMAIL FINDER - Internet source for updated email and URL addresses.
EmailSearch EMAIL SEARCH - Australian & New Zealand email search.
Fone Finder FONE FINDER - Local and international phone number database with various search options.
Government Employee Lookup GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE LOOKUP - government employees including employees at state and federal levels.
Hotbot Email Finder HOTBOT EMAIL FINDER - Find an email address using name and/or address.
ICQ Email Directory ICQ EMAIL ADDRESS FINDER - Find the email address of a ICQ user.
ICQ Phone Directory ICQ PHONE DIRECTORY - Find the phone number of a ICQ user.
Info Space Search INFO SPACE SEARCH - Offers white pages, yellow pages, international listings, government listings and city guides.
Internet Address Finder INTERNET ADDRESS FINDER - Find an email address.
Internet Detective INTERNET DETECTIVE - Searching for an email address, person's web page, employment or ISP info.
Investigative Sources International I.S. INTERNATIONAL - For a fee, I.S. provides a professional locate investigation by trained investigators.
Lost Connections Missing Persons Throughout the World- Provides message boards where one can post messages about missing persons.
Lycos - People Finder LYCOS - PEOPLE FINDER - Search tools whereby you may find a person's address, phone number or email address.
Mailtown.com MAILTOWN.COM - Find an email address using a name.
Missing Person's CyberCenter MP CYBERCENTER - Missing Persons CyberCenter(tm)
Missing Persons Index MISSING PERSONS INDEX- Search and submit listings of missing persons.
National Address Server NATIONAL ADDRESS SERVER - people searches including by Zip code. Also offers other services including map creation.
Netscape NETSCAPE - Searchable white page listings.
People Site PEOPLE SITE - Large online registry for finding people.
People Search Links PEOPLE SEARCH LINKS - Provides many links for finding people.
PI Mall - Phone Number Lookup PI MALL - Phone number lookup. Type in a phone number and get the person's name and address.
Reunion Hall REUNION HALL - Online database of upcoming reunions that can be searched by school.
Search America SEARCH AMERICA - Search active databases using the name, address or phone number of anyone in the USA.
Search.Com SEARCH.COM - phone number and email address searches. Searchable yellow pages can also be found at this site.
Semaphore Corporation SEMAPHORE Corporation- Has many different databases
Snap Email Search SNAP EMAIL SEARCH - Find an email address by name.
Snap Phone Search SNAP PHONE SEARCH - Locate a phone number by name.
Switch Board SWITCH BOARD - Find people using their surname, address or telephone number.
U.S. Postal Service - Database USPS - CHANGE OF ADDRESS DATABASE - Match your mailing list against their database for changes of address.
White Pages - Australia WHITE PAGES - AUSTRALIA - Search white pages by name.
White Pages - Belgium WHITE PAGES - BELGIUM - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - Canada WHITE PAGES - CANADA - Find a phone number/address by name.
White Pages - Hong Kong WHITE PAGES - HONG KONG - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - Netherlands WHITE PAGES - NETHERLANDS - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - New Zealand WHITE PAGES - NEW ZEALAND - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - Samoa WHITE PAGES - SAMOA - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - Singapore WHITE PAGES - SINGAPORE - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - Slovenia WHITE PAGES - SLOVENIA - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - UK WHITE PAGES - UK - Find a phone number by name.
White Pages - USA WHITE PAGES - USA - Search white pages by name.
Who Where - People Locator WHO WHERE - Allows you to search for people using their name.
Who? Me? WHO? ME? - Search registry for those searching for others.
World Pages WORLD PAGES - Search for addresses and phone numbers.
World Wide Profile Registry WORLD WIDE PROFILE REGISTRY - Central database for personal profiles of Internet users from all over the globe.
Yahoo People Search YAHOO PEOPLE SEARCH - Has phone number and email search databases
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