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license: Freeware
description: Awesome drawing program it can create animated gifs, multi layer graphics, clear background images. Also grate for photo touchup. Rival to Photoshop but its free and open source. (source: WinFiles)

license: Freeware
description: Program features: A unique, uncluttered user interface. Photoshop plug-in filter support. Edit and create Filter Factory plug-in. Image corrections: brightness, contrast, histogram, levels, RGB, HSL, Gamma, ICC profiles. Digital camera and TWAIN support. High quality image re-sampling and rotation. Lossless JPEG transforms. Create AVI movies from still images. Add voice annotations. Batch conversions. Fast, searchable image database and image browser. Built-in Web server. (source: WinFiles)

ImageForge (Freeware Edition)
license: Freeware
description: A complete paint program for creating or editing images, AVI animations and picture albums. Produce stunning results with your own pictures and photos. --FEATURES: Clipart brushes; Soft brushes; Smudge and Scatter; Special Effect Filters; Scanner / TWAIN device support; Automatic palette optimization; Color-replacement; Gradients and Patterns; Crop / Enlarge / Resize / Resample / Deskew; Rotate by Degree; AVI and BMP filmstrip animations; Tools to Produce Your Own Stand-alone EXE Library Albums (complete with viewer utility, editor, slide show, install program, etc.); and more. (source: WinFiles)

license: Freeware
description: A program for viewing and converting your graphics files. XNview import about 360 graphic file formats and export about 40 graphic file formats. It offers the possibility to apply filters (blur, average, emboss...) and effects (lens, waves, ...). Pictures browser, Slide Show and RAW / YUV import. Exist in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and for Win / MacOS / Linux / FreeBSD / Irix / Solaris and more!

license: Freeware
description: Automatically draws cartoons, line drawings, paintings, photos, and other illustration styles from 3D models. Art-O-Matic is fast enough enough to show final result interactively as you edit. Unlimited Undo / Redo can be used to record animation frames. Changes for v1.4: 5 times faster 3D import, import of 2D images, progress indication on lengthy operations, right-click for background color or image. (source: WinFiles)

license: Freeware
description: An image warping / morphing program. Version 3.0 adds control vector matching, generation of up to 30 frames, image zooming up to 400%, Multiple Document Interface, ability to export to GIF, faster algorithm, Vector Inspector for fine tuning vector placement, OS priority adjust, full documentation, and much more. Unlike other morphing programs, BitMorph works with Windows Bitmap files, so you can use your own images as well. (source: WinFiles)

Blender 3D
license: Freeware
description: Blender Creator is the first and only fully integrated 3D creation suite allowing modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility - all in one tidy, easily downloadable package!

Metamorph 3D
license: Freeware
description: Fast, sleek, little image morphing utility.

license: BSD License
description: ReViewer is a free software written in REBOL. Feature: order pictures by dragging dropping thumbnails, retrieve pictures in subdirectories, supported formats are: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, apply effect on pictures (rotations) on the fly (doesn't modify original file), store selection to database (massive storage in R3), slideshow (full screen, random) , make web albums (to be released in R2), runs on Linux, Solaris, Windows, Amiga, Mac, BEOS, BSD, HPUX, HP, IRIX, SGI.

HiTech Soft
license: Freeware
description: Hi-tech Gallery Maker is a program that allows you to create easily and quickly web-albums designed on top level.

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