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Kenworth Trucks Heat
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RacelineCentral releases Kenworth Truck Heat, Add on for NASCAR Heat. With about 3 months of work, mostly caused by program errors and a major file construction corruption during some late night designing, We are glad to finally add this to our list of quality NASCAR Heat Mods. With 13 High Quality Graphic Paint jobs, New set of designed rims just for this mod plus the 600 sized wide track tires and track setups. This is an extremely fun mod for NASCAR Heat.
I can truthfully say that this mod has taught us about control and how to hold it during hundreds of program GPF's, Plus how rushing things usually ends up by creating more rushing and headaches for yourself. Though construction was frustrating because of software, the Mod is definitely one of the most fun to drive and the paint schemes are perfect. Enjoy the Truck Mod and Keep in Contact for More Mods soon. 8o)

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Download Mod Here Download Mod Here Download Mod Here template raw targa KW wheels
Raw Templates
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*please read the README1st.txt file and download it for installation directions Kenworth front and back
lilred Our installer and uninstaller practice:
Our Mods,
We try to make them compatible with everyone. Another one of our traits is that we try not to add anymore garbage to your systems. This we mean, is by not using installers that never uninstall everything completely. We try to prevent left over information or similar type collective information in your registry after uninstalling our mods. To Install Kenworth Trucks Heat:
Check Mark View the README1st.txt
Check Mark Download files.
Check Mark Execute file to install.
Check Mark Double check your game settings.
Check Mark When you race, be sure that setups get installed. Enter garage then enter the setup so it engages. Only need to do it once at each track for setups to be locked in.

lilred Shortcut Properties:
"C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat\NHeat.exe" -mod:KenworthTrucks -noautoplay
"C:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\NASCAR Heat"

Check Mark To remove our mod's directory install folders, Just delete them. Simple!
Check Mark We also emphasize that you recheck your game options when you start any 3rd party mods or add-ons. This reassures that your settings remain as your settings. If You Have Problems Starting the Mod:
Check Mark Make sure your NASCAR Heat executable file name is NHeat.exe
Check Mark Check Options.cfg file for any strange entries.
Check Mark Make sure the Shortcuts and their properties are set as shown above.
Check Mark Did you install Our No-CD fix?
Check Mark Make sure your game is Officially patched to at least 1.72e
Check Mark Be sure you add your name into the Drivers.txt , Replace truck name in the NAME slot.
Kenworth Truck Downloads / star Updates
Kenworth Heat Racing 13 Custom Trucks / 7.76 Megs logolilred
Kenworth Heat Racing Template logotemplate
Kenworth Heat Racing Setups logolilred
Kenworth Heat Racing Wheels logolilred
starPATCH - Kenworth Heat Racing - Setups Update logolilred
Internet Race Finder logolilred
*MOD STATUS - Kenworth Trucks Mod is Completed, The Final Mod Files are All Listed Above.
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