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Official I.R.O.C. Racing Series Rules and Information for drivers

The True Value International Race of Champions is a series of four races designed to produce a winner determined solely on driver skill. As far as humanly possible, the many mechanical variables normally associated with the sport of auto racing have been eliminated. Drivers are not allowed to make changes or adjustments to the suspension, handling or any other parts of the IROC race cars, except for pedal and steering wheel adjustments, seat position and safety belts. A specially fitted seat is provided for each driver and that seat moves from car to car with him.

Drivers are selected and invited to compete in the True Value International Race of Champions by the IROC organizers. Drivers who have won major races or major championships at major tracks throughout the world are given primary consideration by IROC.

Cars are assigned to the drivers through a blind drawing before each of the four races. The only difference in the 12 IROC race cars is their color and car number.

There are no qualifying sessions or time trials in IROC. At the first race, drivers draw for their starting positions. At Race 2, the starting lineup is determined by the reverse of the finishing positions in the opening event. That is, the winner of Race 1 starts last, and the driver who finished last in Race 1 starts on the pole in Race 2. Point standings following the first two events determine the starting order for Race 3, with the driver having the most points beginning last and the driver having the least amount of points on the pole. Point standings also determine the lineup for Race 4. The drivers start in reverse order of their point totals through the first three events. The driver with the most points starts last, while the driver with the fewest points starts on the pole. In all cases, the field of 12 starts two abreast, six rows. In Race 1, the cars are numbered according to starting position. In Races 2, 3 and 4, the cars are numbered according to the driver's position in the point standings.

There are no scheduled pit stops in IROC events. If a driver must stop at the pits for any reason, his car is serviced by a crew of IROC mechanics. Under normal circumstances, a driver who pits under the green flag receives no penalty, except for the time lost on the track. A driver who pits under a yellow caution flag, however, is subject to a one-lap penalty, as assessed by the IROC organizers.

Under normal circumstances, yellow-flag caution laps do not count in IROC competition. If the yellow flag is waved, we revert back to the last completed lap for the restart line-up. If the restart occurs on the last lap, the white/green flag will be displayed and it will be a one-lap shootout.

The IROC champion is the driver who has earned the most points in the four races.

In the event that two or more drivers are tied for bonus points, the bonus points will be awarded according to the finishing positions of the race. In the event that two or more drivers are tied at the finish line, the points for finishing positions will be added together and divided among the tying drivers. In the event that two or more drivers are tied in points at the end of the series, the tie will be broken by the driver who finished highest, on average, over all four races.


Drivers earn points in all four IROC events, as follows:
Finishing Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Points Earned 21 17 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

In addition, 5 bonus points are awarded to the driver who leads the most laps in each race, 3 bonus points are awarded to the driver who leads the second greatest number of laps, and 2 bonus points are awarded to the driver who leads the third greatest number of laps. In case of a tie, the driver with the highest finishing position in that race receives the bonus.


A total of $1,205,000.00 to be distributed as follows at the conclusion of series (based on point standings):
Position Money Earned
1 $250,000
2 $125,000
3 $95,000
4 $90,000
5 $85,000
6 $80,000
7 $80,000
8 $80,000
9 $80,000
10 $80,000
11 $80,000
12 $80,000

All races have full international status and are sanctioned by NASCAR.
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